About Us


ICC VORTEX is an independent commercial organization founded in 2009 in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. We, as a team of professionals who have 10 years of experience in systematized work in the industrial sector, well understand the challenges facing modern production. Quality, speed, products that meet modern requirements - all this is extremely important for the development of each industrial enterprise. ICC VORTEX was established in 2009 as a partner company for the modern industrial sector. The partner who will always offer the best solution for the development of your production. The partner who knows well his clients’ business specifics and always responsibly approaches to fulfillment of its obligations. The main task of the company is the development of mutually beneficial, long-term cooperation with its clients. The main principles of ICC VORTEX activities are decency, responsibility and efficiency of each order fulfillment. Cooperation with our company is, first of all, building relationships on a partnership basis, rather than on a «seller-buyer» scheme. Thanks to this, today we have become suppliers, reliability and convenience of cooperation with which have been appreciated by many domestic and foreign enterprises.