To date, our experience in the supply of industrial equipment spans over 12 years in the international supply chain in the industrial sector. And it means that we have learned to understand our customers and find the best solutions for them in a short time.

We represent more than 30 global brands in Kazakhstan and find new suppliers every year.

With a wide portfolio of brands, we can become a reliable partner for your business.


  • Providing quality products at world producer prices

    Company is direct representatives of our partners here locally, which allows our customers not to over pay for quality products and be provided with technical support and after-salesservice.

  • Sufficient availability of quantity and assortment of products

    We take risks and invest our money to ensure the continuous implementation of our clients' projects.

  • Workshop Service

    Authorized by our partners, the workshop service is one of the most important structures of our business, provided with qualified technical personnel and the necessary equipment to ful fill its promise of after-sales service.

  • Customer Service

    Every person in the company is involved and acts responsibly as are presentative of our values, providing credibility and enhancing the company's attractiveness to customers and partners.

  • Measured and monitored business processes in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2015

    We strive for a quality level of business, so we have implemented and use a quality management system that helps us measure and control our business processes with customers and partners, taking into account possible cases and the influence of external orinternal factors.

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