FLEX Power Tools

Country: Germany
Year of foundation: 1922

On 7th December 1922, Hermann Ackermann and Hermann Schmitt founded the company of the same name in -Bad Cannstatt near Stuttgart to manufacture and sell their own invention - the MS 6 hand-held grinding machine with a flexible shaft.


In 1996, Ackermann + Schmitt was renamed to FLEX.


In the late 1920s, engineers succeeded in replacing the flexible shaft with an angular gear. This is how the first FLEX angle grinder was born.


In 1935, Ackermann + Schmitt introduces the low-speed angle grinder to the market.


FLEX was the first power tool manufacturer in Europe to introduce the long-neck grinder for work on walls and ceilings - the FLEX Giraffe®. A development that revolutionises the work of painters, drywallers, plasterers and many other trades.


FLEX provides professionals with a wide range of high-performance tools and accessories in the following areas:


- Metalworking

- Car polishing

- Stone processing

- Construction and repair

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