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The official site of the VORTEX: now with convenient search by goods

Even if your office / production is far from Almaty, it will not affect the time of receipt of the order - the equipment will be delivered as quickly as possible. Our new site is already launched and ready to accept orders from any regions of the country.

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A warehouse of sorbents was opened in Atyrau

We have opened an additional warehouse of sorbents for the control of oil spills in oil producing and oil refineries. Here you will find universal and specialized solutions that will protect the health and life of employees of the enterprise. At the same time the solutions will become a reliable protection of the environment from the negative impact of petroleum products and other chemicals, including silicate dust.

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Upgrading the catalog

We have updated our catalog of industrial equipment and related products. We have expanded the presented assortment and detailed the data for each product name.

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