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Mobile warm air heaters

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Mobile warm air heaters

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Efficient, reliable and applicable everywhere.

Due to the high-power radial fans with the models M25 to M200, these units are especially suitable to connect warm air hose systems. This ensures an efficient heating from outside. The recirculating air module allows an even more efficient and economical operation.

The fuel tank and the heating cartridge with the models M25 and M50 make these models independent, space-saving and immediately ready for use. The models M70 to M200 have a fuel supply pipe to be conected to an external tank and a preheated filter which makes them also immediately ready for use. Quality-brand oil burners and silent, yet powerful fans convert more than 93 % of the energy into heat.


  • stainless steel combustion chamber
  • stainless steel heat exchanger
  • tank with heating cartridge
  • radial fan
  • oil burner
  • recirculating air operation possible
  • room thermostat connection
  • integrated tank (M25/M50/optional for M70)
  • oil filter
  • heating device for nozzle holder
  • preheated oil filter + single-line fuel supply pipe (M70/100/M150/M200)
  • automatic heating oil de-aeration
  • casters (M70/M100/M150/M200)
  • crane eyes + forklift device (M70/M100/M150/M200)

The units are also approved for operation with gas!

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About the supplier:

In the company’s catalog there are solutions for creating heating systems of different types: from universal to designed for a specific task.
Kroll GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer of heating equipment (more than 50% of the products are exported). The basis of high quality of its products is a long-term operational experience and the desire to create really effective heating systems.
In the catalog you will find thermal equipment of various types: from air type (heat guns) to devices for burning other types of fuel (solid and liquid fuel, gas, waste oil, animal and vegetable fats).
What makes Kroll GmbH the best in the market?
Kroll GmbH has its own production facilities and a staff of experienced specialists. There is a wide range of products, which makes it possible to offer each client an option for solving his particular task.
Its activities are determined by three factors: quality work, hard work of employees and a wealth of ideas.

35 years of experience in development and production of heating equipment.
9800 m2 of its own production area.
Certification of products according to the ISO 9001 standard since 1995.
Civil engineering.
Food industry.
Heating of industrial premises.
Car service.

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