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Metal Processing Workshop, Industrial construction, Сivil construction, Construction of Oil & Gas Pipelines, Manufacture of metal structures, Repair of railways, Marine

About the supplier:

Grinding cut-off discs and technical fabrics from Weiler ensure high-quality processing of any metals with minimal time and financial costs.
Weiler is a Slovenian manufacturer, one of the leaders of the European market of abrasive tools and technical fabrics.
Weiler products are the result of a competent combination of traditions and innovations in the field of abrasive and non-abrasive industry. Customers receive not just a quality product, but a comprehensive proposal that allows them to solve each of the facing problem.
What makes Weiler the best in the market?
Safety, reliability, durability and product profitability that save time, reduce costs and provides high-quality processing.

138 years in the market of grinding wheels and technical fabrics
High-quality and innovative solutions for the abrasive and non-abrasive industry.
Products that meet the international quality ISO 9001: 2008 and ecology ISO 14001: 2004 standards.
Metal processing plants.
Industrial and civil construction.
Construction and repair of oil and gas pipelines.
Manufacture of metal structures (including railroad).
Repair and profiling of new railways.

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