SUPER-EGO Pipe Tools

Country: Spain
Year of foundation: 1946

SUPER-EGO, founded in the 40s of the 20th century in the Spanish province of Guipuzcoa, the Basque Country, is today the world's leading manufacturer of tools for pipe installation and gas welding equipment, the company's position is especially strong in the production and sale of gas wrenches, threading die cutters and pipe cutters.


Among all Spanish tool manufacturers, SUPER-EGO is the leader in terms of exported products.


The SUPER-EGO brand is an enterprise of the ROTHENBERGER group (ROTHENBERGER, Germany) and belongs to the leading brands of the company. SUPER-EGO stands out in the market with its research and development, strong development program, cooperation with technology centers and universities.


The production process is carried out using the leading systems and methods of SMED, KAIZEN, KANBAN and is supported by constant investments in equipment, machines and technologies.


SUPER-EGO tools are manufactured using the latest hardening technologies - controlled atmosphere, induction and stress relieving tempering - to ensure high quality. All this makes it possible to supply SUPER-EGO tools worldwide to the most demanding customers in various fields of production and industry.



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