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Gas Refinery, Mining, Repair of oil and gas pipelines, Construction of Oil & Gas Pipelines

About the supplier:

The company fully justifies its motto. In its portfolio, there really is everything that customers can need when building a pipeline - from seals for wall sleeves to metal corrosion protection.
PSI Products GmbH is the German division of the GPT group of companies, the leading manufacturer of components for pipelines. PSI products are exported to more than 50 countries.
What makes PSI Products GmbH the best on the market?
PSI Products GmbH is engaged in the design and manufacture of components and materials for the construction of pipelines of various purposes and scale.
In addition to standard products, the company can also develop special solutions for specific tasks.
Products of PSI Products GmbH are valued for high quality, reliability and durability.

Half a century of experience in the production of components for pipelines.
Subdivisions in Germany, the United States, England, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.
Own production and storage facilities.
Construction and repair of pipelines.
Gas and water supply companies.
Enterprises of chemical and petrochemical industries.
Construction of compressor stations.
Any other area where the operation of a pipeline is expected.

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