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Industrial construction, Construction of Oil & Gas Pipelines, Construction of gas pipelines, Food industry, Metal working industry, Wood working industry, Glass production, Manufacture of plastics, Manufacture of rubber products, Manufacture of caoutchouc products

About the supplier:

Osborn offers brush shafts for all industries: from standard to customized solutions.
Osborn - the largest manufacturer of technical brushes in the world market.
With the help of Osborn’s products, you not only make surface treatment ideal, but you can reduce production costs by at least 10%, and so increase the energy efficiency of your company / product.
What makes Osborn the best in the market?
Investing in the creation of research centers with specially designed robotic cells allowed to improve in several times the quality of products and to strengthen control over their quality. And own experience gained in mechanical engineering allowed to expand its assortment, adding to it the energy-efficient solutions.

130 years of experience in engineering expertise and production skills.
Production facilities in 13 countries, on 4 continents, as well as official representative offices in more than 120 countries.
10 000 standard and more than 100 000 individual solutions (commercial and household), such as metal finishing, honing and polishing of surfaces.
Food industry.
Industrial construction.
Construction and repair of oil and gas pipelines.
Metal and wood working industry.
Glass production.
Manufacture of plastics, rubber and caoutchouc products.

Weiler - cutting of and grinding wheels

Weiler - cutting of and grinding wheels
Unior - hand tools

Unior - hand tools