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Cattini - pneumohydraulic equipment for mining industryСпециализированная серия мощных домкратов Mammut | Specialized series of powerful jacks Mammut

Air Hydraulic Jacks up to 150t.j
Air Hydraulic Jacks up to 150t2.
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Ground protection, Stack
Ground protection, Stack Pads3.j
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Impact Wrenches4.jpg


Mining, Heavy machinery, Quarry machinery, Commercial motor transport, Freight motor transport

About the supplier:

Specialized series of powerful jacks Mammut constructed for trucks and specialty vehicles
- load capacity of 60, 80, 100 and 150 tons, designed for heavy
specialty vehicles, trams and trains. 
Internal design work is carried out using innovative computerized systems, 3D-technical programs, software for vector converter. This approach allows
to develop truly reliable, safe and highly efficient solutions. 
What makes Cattini Mammut the best in the market?
The company Cattini was founded in 1967. Throughout all its
life time
, the brand specializes exclusively in the production of high-quality hydraulic and pneumo-hydraulic jacks for a wide application market.
Product quality and reliability allow confidently offering Cattini for all segments of production and repairing. The key benefit of Cattini Mammut is its unbeatable quality combined with a democratic price.

● More than 45 years in the world market.
● High-powered production lines and local warehouse system.
● Compliance with international quality standards - ISO 9001, MACHINE DIRECTIVE 93 / 44EEC, EN1494, 98/37 / EEC, 2006/42 / EEC

- Mining industry;
- Heavy machinery;
- Quarry machinery;
- Commercial, freight motor transport


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