BVA - pneumohydraulic equipment for mining industrypneumohydraulic equipment for mining industry | пневмогидравлическое оборудование для горной промышленности

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Chemical plants, Aviation, Marine sector, Construction, Agriculture

About the supplier:

BVA Industrial Hydraulics is a leading Dutch manufacturer of industrial hydraulics. The company was founded in 1973.
BVA cylinders, pumps and other equipment are all metal structures with no plastic parts.
All hydraulics are covered by the BVA Lifetime Warranty - reliable protection against negative influences and premature wear of parts.
What makes BVA Industrial Hydraulics the best on the market?
Strict product quality control has made BVA Industrial Hydraulics one of the most trusted industrial hydraulics brands on the market.
The line includes a wide range of cylinders, air pumps, hand pumps and other hydraulic equipment and accessories.
BVA guarantees the preservation of the operability of all equipment parts for the entire service life.


More than 45 years on the global market.
Full product quality control.
Lifetime warranty for manufactured products.
Full compliance of products with ISO 9001/9002 standards, as well as ANSI B30.1, ANSI B40.1 and SAE 100 standards.

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