Bohrcraft - Drilling ToolsПревосходное качество для высокоточной обработки | Premium Quality for high precision machining



Production shops, Repair shops, Construction, Metal working industry, Wood working industry, Repair work

About the supplier:

In the manufacturer's catalog you will find a wide range of drills: for concrete, metal, wood, plastic, and other high-precision tools for industry and crafts.
Bohrcraft is one of the world's most famous manufacturers of tools for drilling, milling, thread cutting, countersinking, sawing and fixing.
40 years of its own production and 50 years of family traditions in drilling production allow the company to offer its customers exactly the product that will help them in solving their performance targets.
What makes Bohrcraft the best on the market for materials' processing tools?
The consistently high quality of products is ensured by many years of experience in this field. And also regular drilling and instrumental tests in its own laboratory.
The permanent monitoring of demand allows the company to respond quickly to new market needs and offer the best of their solutions.

● Over 40 years of experience.
● About 7,000 tools for drilling, cutting, milling and screwing in selection of grades.
● Two quality Bohrcraft and Profi-Plus lines

- production and repair shops;
- construction engineering;
- workshops;
- repair work;
- metal/wood processing plants.

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