A warehouse of sorbents was opened in Atyrau

We have opened an additional warehouse of sorbents for the control of oil spills in oil producing and oil refineries.
Here you will find universal and specialized solutions that will protect the health and life of employees of the enterprise. At the same time the solutions will become a reliable protection of the environment from the negative impact of petroleum products and other chemicals, including silicate dust.
It became even more profitable to be a partner of the ICC VORTEX:

  • The work without intermediaries and competitive prices. We work with all customers directly, delivering directly from manufacturers.
  • Delivery is cheaper. You do not need to order expensive services of transport companies, now you can pick up the goods by self-delivery directly from the warehouse. 
  • Logistics is under our control. You simply take the goods when it is convenient to you, and we perform all the procedures concerning delivering them from the manufacturing plant, shipping, customs issues, and other aspects.
  • There are no limits in the volumes. You buy what is needed and exactly in the volume that is needed to solve your production tasks.
We are waiting for you at the address:
Atyrau city, Syrim Datov 62 Str.

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