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Integrated fuel monitoring and dispensing system for non-commercial use.
Diesel pump, approved by the Interior Ministry, combined with Emiltouch or Amico 2002 fuel management systems.
CVTV is a 24-hours refuelling system which authorizes dispensing operations, collects and records data and monitors the maintenance of your vehicles. The basic features can be customized to meet client’s needs.

Vehicle and driver Tags, which contain microchips that are programmed by the system administrator, represent the key for the access to the system: they communicate with CVTV by means of a contactless smart device based on radio frequency identification technology. 
They are read and encoded only by approaching to the reader; they provide reliability and excellent performances even in extremely dusty or dirty conditions. The fuel management system reads the parameters set on the Tag and allows the refuelling only if it has complied with the instructions that are displayed (by entering odometer/hours reading, personnel codes, introducing driver’s card into the proper slot, etc.).

The refueling data can be transferred via LAN to the administration center, downloaded with proper CARDS or sent via GPRS (a SIM phone/data card is required ) to a dedicated portal, from where they can be displayed or transferred to the client PC by means of a regular internet connection.

The electric and electronic components have been designed and built with advanced technologies in order to meet the highest safety standards. It has been possible to put all the components in one panel, making them more easily accessible and replaceable.

Main features:
  • Corrosion-resistant steel chassis and panels.
  • Compact rotary vane suction pump, cast iron body, flow rate 70 litres / min equipped with filter and internal by-pass valve.
  • Three phases, 400V/50 Hz motor (pump) and single-phase 220V (Fuel management system) power supply.
  • Four-piston meter, consisting of a sleeved body in which four pistons drive two connecting rods, guaranteeing enhanced reliability.
  • Accuracy: +/-0.2%
  • EEXD- ATEX certified motor in compliance with European Directive Atex 94/9/CE.
  • Eltomatic pulser, high precision type.
  • ZVA automatic fuel nozzle,
  • 4 m antistatic flexible rubber hose.
  • EC certified and approved for Class C fuels.

About the supplier:

Storage systems from Emiliana Serbatoi allow solving problems with transportation of any liquids: from ordinary water to aggressive chemicals.
Emiliana Serbatoi is an Italian company established in 1960. Leader in the field for producing tanks and storage systems, transporting and delivering petroleum products and other liquids.
57 years of work were not wasted. Today the company can offer its customers a wide range of products: from tanks for drinking water to mini fuel stations.
What makes Emiliana Serbatoi the best in the market for tanks and storage systems?
Economically beneficial and environmentally appropriate solutions. 100% quality-relevant and fully meeting the expectations of the modern market.

For more than 30 years has been leading the European and global markets.
Advanced technologies, innovative and cost-effective products.
Quality certificates TUV and UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 for all manufactured products.
The sphere of civil defense.
Aviation and the marine sector.
Oil and gas production, mining.

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