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Worldpoly - PE Pipe Welding EquipmentPE Pipe Welding Equipment | cварочное оборудование для пластиковых труб

Electrofusion Welding Machines4.
Electrofusion Welding Machines4.
Electrofusion Welding Machines5.
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Electrofusion Welding Machines2.
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About the supplier:

At Worldpoly, we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of the most demanding clients around the globe. As such, our machinery is designed to out-perform in the most extreme environments.

We provide the most reliable welding solutions in the following sections:

  • Mining
  • Irrigation
  • Water supply and distribution
  • Sewer and drainage
  • Gas mains
  • Reticulation and coal seam
  • Chemical and industrial.

Our wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of working with PE products means we can advise you on how to achieve a superior outcome for any project, no matter what industry you’re in.

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