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Emiliana Serbatoi - storage and transportation systems of oil products Решения для хранения жидкостей различных ви- дов, в частности нефтепродуктов и продуктов питания| Issues related to the storage of different kind of liquids



Aviation, Marine sector, Construction, Agriculture, The sphere of civil defense, Oil and gas production

About the supplier:

Storage systems from Emiliana Serbatoi allow solving problems with transportation of any liquids: from ordinary water to aggressive chemicals.
Emiliana Serbatoi is an Italian company established in 1960. Leader in the field for producing tanks and storage systems, transporting and delivering petroleum products and other liquids.
57 years of work were not wasted. Today the company can offer its customers a wide range of products: from tanks for drinking water to mini fuel stations.
What makes Emiliana Serbatoi the best in the market for tanks and storage systems?
Economically beneficial and environmentally appropriate solutions. 100% quality-relevant and fully meeting the expectations of the modern market.

For more than 30 years has been leading the European and global markets.
Advanced technologies, innovative and cost-effective products.
Quality certificates TUV and UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 for all manufactured products.
The sphere of civil defense.
Aviation and the marine sector.
Oil and gas production, mining.

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