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Chemtex - sorbentsПродукты для ликвидации разливов | Products for elimination of spills

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Chemical plants, Production shops, Repair shops, Mining refineries, Oil producing refineries, Oil refineries, Aviation, Marine sector

About the supplier:

In the manufacturer’s catalog there is a solution to any problem: from small leaks in production to large spills in the sea.
Chemtex is the largest producer of absorbents in North America. 19-year experience in the market allows the company to offer its customers exactly what they need at the moment.
What makes Chemtex the best in the absorbents’ market?
High quality products, strict quality control and adequate prices. In the company’s catalog you will find a wide range of products: from universal absorbents to specialized sets of control for spills of oil products and chemicals.
Ease of use, minimal time and labor for gathering and the possibility of saving the budget from 50% are the main advantages of innovative absorbents from Chemtex, which can suppress even such a threat for human life and health as silicate dust.

A wide range of control products for spills of oil products and chemicals .
Approbated production lines and an extensive network of storage facilities
High-quality raw materials Exxon for production.
Chemical plants.
Production and repair shops.
Mining, oil producing and oil refineries.
Marine sector.

Chemtex - sorbents

Chemtex - sorbents
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