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Maintaining a neat and clean workplace is essential for workers morale and safety.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, manufacturers have used knit rags to keep tools and equipment clean and looking good. Another common use is for personal hygiene while working on dirty jobs. In addition to the traditional knit rags, we also have a great selection of nonwoven wipers that are much more efficient to use in this day and age. Wipers come in a variety of sizes and put-ups. Choose the wipe best suited to your needs.

Spunlace Wipers

No more expensive shop towels.

Are you renting your shop rags from a uniform/linen rental company? Are you tired of getting overage charges on your monthly bills for lost rags? Ever wonder how you could lose so many rags? Do you find that each month there are extra charges for a damage fee, energy charge, delivery charge, replacement fee, or environmental/fuel surcharge? Rental companies are notorious for all of these extra fees. When you buy a disposal wiper that works just as well, if not better, you can eliminate all of those “add-on” charges. In addition to the obvious cost savings, there is also a real benefit that will help to ensure the safety of your employees or equipment. Metal shavings, oils and hazardous chemicals can be present on “clean” laundered rental shop towels, presenting both possible hazards to health and the possibility of machinery getting snagged. Spunlace wipers are great on heavy industrial tasks, cleaning oil, grease and grime. Also good for wiping solvents and cleaning rough surfaces.

Blue Spunlace Wipers

Exceptionally clean, low-linting, absorbent, strong and durable wiping product. Soaks up to four times its weight in water; also absorbs oil and solvents. Washes easily. Can be reused again and again, yet is inexpensive enough to be disposable. Available in quarter fold or on a roll.

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All-Purpose DRC Wetlay Wipers

A cellulose-based disposable wiper offering incredible absorbency and softness with an unmatched wipe-dry ability. Made from 100% bonded cellulose, this general purpose, highly absorbent wiper is ideal for medium- to heavy-duty wiping applications and is an excellent replacement for airlay wipers. Best used for wiping up grease, oils and small spills. Used for cleaning parts and tools; soft enough for hands and face.

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Polypropylene Wipers

Polypropylene wipers are designed for wiping tasks where low lint or use of chemicals is required. Made for critical applications involving solvents, inks and paints. Acid/base and solvent-resistant. Perfect for use with lubricants, oil and grease. Applications include: furniture finishing, engine assembly/repair, prepackaging wipe-down, LCD panel assembly, appliance assembly, printing and glass or window cleaning.

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Rags & Wiping Cloths

Sturdy, absorbent knit materials are used for general cleanup in maintenance and repair operations.

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Red Shop Towels

Absorbent and strong, prewashed and preshrunk red shop towels. Made with 100% heavyweight cotton fabric. Frequently used for wiping spills, grease, oil, tools, grime and fluids. Used in industrial facilities, machine shops and garages.

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