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Clean water is essential for life on earth.

There are laws in the U.S. that prevent the discharge of pollutants into storm drains and/or directly into bodies of water. We offer a variety of products that are used in industrial, commercial and residential environments. These products protect our waters from being contaminated not only with oils and chemicals, but with loose sediments that are found on construction sites as well. You can never be over-prepared for situations like this. Check out the new Flood Control section as well.

Lots of people have experienced flooding at one point in time—be prepared!

Red Alert DrainProtector™ II

This DrainProtector™ is red in color and, unlike the Original DrainProtector,™ it’s reversible. Either side can be used to form a tight seal to block out liquids. The lighter weight makes it easier to respond in an emergency and is less expensive.

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Original DrainProtector™

Stop spills before they go down the drain. These durable orange and yellow polyurethane drain covers are available in four different sizes. They adhere to the drain, making them virtually leak-proof. Overlap drain by at least 3".

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DrainProtector™ +

A modern version of the Original DrainProtectorTM. What makes this drain protector special is the extra-durable, glass fiber-reinforced top layer that allows you to drive over while being used, as well as protecting it from damaging UV rays.

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Drain Cover Carrying Case

Store and protect your drain cover in this hard plastic carrying case.

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Conical Plugs

Ideal for blocking circular drains before a spill, or as soon as one occurs. Kits are available and include 2", 3" and 4" plugs.

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Barrel Patch

Seals leaks fast on any 55-gallon drum. Use the 11' strap for larger tanks. Tough nylon belt fits around drums. Easy-to-use, ratcheting buckle ensures a tight seal. Simply place over the barrel, align patch over leak, and tighten. Cleans easily with soap and water.

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Spill Dams

Contain and divert spills before contamination takes place. Made out of the same durable polyurethane as the drain covers, these dikes will temporarily bond to any smooth surface. Available in large and small. Use the connector to contain larger areas.

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Tall Spill Dams

The taller version of the spill dam is used to contain and divert larger volumes of liquid. Flexible polyurethane construction is nonabsorbent and chemical-resistant. Easily cleans up with soap and water for repeated use. Built-in connectors allow you to attach them end to end.

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Drain Guard

Storm water drain guard is designed for use in industrial facilities, construction sites and parking lots. Contains an oil-absorbent pillow that removes oils and greases from water flow as it passes through the drain guard.
Nonwoven fabric removes dirt, sand and other sediments from storm water. Absorbs up to .87 gallons of oil and holds up to 40 pounds of sediment.


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Drain Guard, Curb-Insert Style

For use with combination catch basins with a street grate and curb opening.

Heavy-duty tension rod secures drain guard inside curb inlet — stopping sediment and other contaminants from entering curb portion of storm drain. Fits grate sizes up to 40" x 40" and curb inlets up to 60" wide.

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Dewatering Bags

Use to remove both oils and sediment from a body of water. Attach to the end of a hose and pump water through it. The highly durable geotextile will eliminate hydrocarbons and sediment, while allowing the clean water to filter through. Choose from four different sizes.

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Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Multi-size pipe plugs reinforced with Kevlar® have a wide application range. Plugs are made from a high-quality Neoprene rubber that will stand up to hydrocarbons. Each plug covers several pipe sizes. Multi-size ranges overlap for more user selectivity. For pipes from 8" diameter to 24" diameter. These sizes work on most municipal storm drains and sewers. Plugs are flexible and bend easily around tight corners or when installing through manholes.

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Plug accessories are sold separately — please call our office for details.

H20 Dams & Flood Barriers
These compact “sandless” sand bags absorb, contain and divert water

H20 Dam

“Sandless” sand bags are compact and lightweight for storing, but will grow to 32 lbs. in times of need. Just add water and watch them grow.
Contains super-absorbing polymers that will swell and gel with water.
Contents are nontoxic, nonhazardous and biodegradable. Stagger multiple bags to build a retaining wall.

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Flood Barriers

Divert problem water away from your home or business. Self-activating flood barriers—simply expose them to fresh water. They absorb water and grow to full size at 3.5" high in 5 minutes. Swelled barriers contain and divert flood water. Leave in place for ongoing protection. Lasts for up to 8 months of continuous use. Safe, nonhazardous and nontoxic, environmentally friendly and decomposes over time.

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> Ready to use, activates and grows when wet
> Compact and lightweight
> No sand or labor needed
> Reusable and lasts for months, leave in place for ongoing protection
> Reactivates when wet and evaporates when dry
> Safe, nonhazardous and nontoxic, environmentally friendly
> Stagger multiple H20 Dams to build a retaining wall
> Compared to heavy traditional sand bags, you can carry several of these at a time, making your job much easier

Grab & Go Flood Protection

This kit is designed for quick and easy deployment when timing means everything.

The compact container takes up minimal space and is ideal for rapid emergency deployment. Store in closets, cabinets, vehicles and more. The bucket can be used to preactivate your H20 Dams/Flood Barriers—just add water to the bucket and go!

Kit Contents
5 Barriers, 5' x 3.5"
10 H20 Dams, 24" x 12" x 3.5"




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