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Marine Spill Response

The oceans cover 71 percent of the earth’s surface and contain 97 percent of the earth's water.

With this in mind, we need to make sure we protect them and keep them clean for generations to come. We carry a variety of containment booms, skimmers and accessories to help aid in the protection of our waters and shorelines.

Oil SnareTM

Oil SnareTM products were developed for the recovery of Bunker C, Crude Oil, and Numbers 4, 5 & 6 oil. Oil Snare utilizes the oil’s natural stickiness to entrap it within thousands of plastic tentacles. Operative even in subfreezing conditions. Oil Snare products are made up of flat polypropylene ribbon yarn configured into two different products (Oil Snare Singles, Oil Snare on a Rope).

Oil Snare is hydrophobic, oleophilic, nontoxic or corrosive, non-scattering, inert, floats (will not sink) indefinitely. Oil Snare is resistant to rot and mildew after long storage and does not have a shelf life. Oil Snare products can be drained or doused with #1 or #2 oil which removes the heavy oils, allowing units to be reused if desired, and allowing recycling of extracted oil as downgraded fuel.

Oil Snare will typically recover from 20 to 60 times its own weight, depending on the viscosity of the oil. The thicker the oil, the better Oil Snare adsorbent will work.

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Skim-pak weir-type skimmers are simply the best skimmers money can buy. Skim-paks are lightweight and compact, easily deployed and operated by one person. The weir automatically adjusts to the pump rate, continually maintaining a skim. Skim-pak skimmers can be set up for unattended operation or fitted with an operator control accessory package.

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Drum Skimmers

Drum skimmers are constructed of lightweight aluminum and are designed for both portability and extreme durability on the toughest jobs. Available in 24", 36" and 48" versions. Single or multiple drum designs are also available. Ideal for use on inland and marsh spills since it is capable of operating at water depths as shallow as 3". Recovery rates of up to 35 gallons per minute.

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Permanent Containment Boom

The economical solution to provide continuous facility protection and containment. This permanent boom system features easy deployment, high visibility, and abrasion resistance. Permanent containment booms are designed for deployment at permanent sites such as waterfront oil handling facilities, or around ships in repair or storage. This containment boom is more economical, lighter weight per foot, and has a higher buoyancy-to-weight ratio than other permanent booms.

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Response Boom

Use containment booms to surround and contain oil or sewage spills. Also used to retain debris. Can be used in fresh or salt water. Ideal for holding ponds, marinas, or spill response teams.

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Bulkhead Risers

Bulkhead risers are used to allow your containment booms to rise and fall with the tide. Fiberglass bulkhead riser with floats and connectors for 6" flange H beam. Easily mounted on docks or piers.

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Boom in a Bag

Ever find yourself needing a containment boom in a pinch, but you don’t have the manpower to deploy the standard 18" containment boom? Or maybe an 18" boom is just too much for the job. Our new Boom in a Bag is the perfect solution. This highly compact, featherlight response boom is great for small spills of all kinds. Boom in a Bag has 50' of 8" containment boom, which consists of a 3" float and a 5" skirt.

Made out of 22 oz. PVC, this boom uses lightweight, easy-to-use slotted tube connectors for easy connections. Stored in a PVC bag, one person is all it takes to carry and deploy. Great for marinas, because it won’t take up much space. In fact, this boom could be stored in a closet or in the back of a pickup truck.

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Danforth® Anchors

Danforth® anchors are used to secure booms to the ocean floor. This anchor has the traditional holding power which has always been associated with Danforth® anchors. The shank is made of high-strength steel. The steel flukes are strong and wide. Each anchor has a hot-dipped, galvanized coating for long-lasting protection.

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Anchor Chain

Our 3/8" anchor chain is used to secure boom anchoring systems. Strengthens anchor hold and eliminates fouled anchor lines. Galvanized, oil-proof chain comes packed as 63' of chain in a 5-gallon bucket.

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Polyform Anchor Buoys

Polyform anchor buoys are a one-piece construction with a reinforced, rigid “rope hold” eye and unique vinyl valving system. Applications include commercial fishing, offshore oil research, and general commercial marine. Use the buoys with your containment boom anchoring system.

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Galvanized Shackles

Galvanized shackles are used to connect anchors to chain.

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Polypropylene Line

Polypropylene line is strong and resistant to mildew, rot and most chemicals. Use this in your containment boom anchoring system.

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Tow Bridals

Use tow bridals to tow containment boom behind a boat. Fits all 18" booms with universal connectors.

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