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Osborn, a unit of Jason Incorporated, is the world’s largest and most complete solution provider of high-quality surface treatment and finishing tools for hundreds of commercial and consumer applications, such as metal finishing, honing, and surface polishing.
In addition to our retail consumers and distribution customers, we serve customers directly in such diverse industries as: aerospace; automotive; primary metal finishing; industrial pipeline; wood working; finishing and polishing; and road sweeping, with more than 10,000 standard products and more than 100,000 custom-tailored solutions.
The global resources to back your success Osborn gives you the advantage of worldwide engineering and manufacturing support to modify any product or machine in our lineup to meet your exact needs. With more than 2,000 employees and 20 operations facilities serving customers in more than 120 countries, our global reach offers you greater access to new product ideas, economies of scale, and new techniques to master your unique surface treatment and finishing needs.
More than a century of know-how Founded in 1887, Osborn holds more patents on more products and processes than all other competitors combined, and remains dedicated to building rewarding customer relationships. Whether you have specific surface treatment and finishing requirements, or simply need quality dependable tools from a reliable partner, we’ll guide your choice from our tiered collection of trusted best-in-class names - such as JacksonLea, Lippert-Unipol, Sinjet, Load Runners, and Dialux - so you achieve optimal results at the right price.
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The unique capabilities of power brushes can provide solutions to many challenging production problems. Osborn engineers are a valuable resource to help optimize your process with power brushes -- simply contact us to arrange for a free consultation.

Fill Materials
A wide range of fill materials are available in power brushes to provide just the right action on the workpiece:

  1. Wire – Wire brushes are ideal for heavy duty applications such as deburring, parting line removal, weld cleaning and weld prep, descaling, rust and paint removal, pipeline fitting and seam cleaning, hose skiving and rubber flash removal, wire stripping, spot facing, and more. Finer wire can be used for polishing and texturing.
     - Materials: 
     -- Steel
     -- Stainless Steel
     -- Brass
     -- Other non-ferrous metals
     - Configurations:
     -- Wire sizes from .003" - .020"
     -- Crimped or straight wire
     -- TY® Encapsulation for extra aggression
  2. ATB™ Abrasive Nylon – ATB Abrasive Nylon brushes are the cutting edge in brushing technology. They are best suited to precision part finishing applications such as deburring and edge radiusing. Brushing cells can be integrated in production lines to eliminate manual finishing operations. Brushes can be added to tool changers in CNC machining centers for automated in-place deburring. Robots can be fitted with chucked brushes to finish stationary parts, or they can utilize bench motor styles for fixtured part handling. (Please click here to learn more about ATB Abrasive Nylon)
  3. Other fibers – These kinds of brushes are used for special applications, such as chrome polishing, electrical contact cleaning, plastic flash removal, glass cleaning, and other jobs where wire or abrasive brushes are not appropriate.
     - Natural fibers: tampico, horsehair, bristle
     - Polymer fibers: nylon, polypro

Brush Configurations
Wheel or Radial: These brushes are center-mounted on a shank or arbor, and the outside edge or "face" of the brush contacts the workpiece. With diameters from 5/8" to 22", and face widths from 1/2" to 2-1/4". Radial brushes can be mounted in multiples to produce wider face widths.
Cup or Disc: The shape of this brush allows for many more filaments to contact the workpiece at once, resulting in much more aggressive brushing action. Can be used in hand tools or mounted to a stationary machine. Standard brush part diameters range from 5/8" to 9". Composite disc styles are available up to 22" in diameter.
End: Filaments are packed into a small shanked cup. During operation, the filaments flare out to contact recessed areas. End brush filaments can also be bridled to allow for precision spot finishing. Diameters range from 3/16" to 3".
Internal: Also known as a "side-action" brush, they are commonly used for cleaning and finishing of bores, cylinders and internal threads. Especially useful for cross hole deburring. In sizes from .030" up to 10".
Wide Face: For raw metal processing, circuit board scrubbing, food handling, conveyor cleaning, and many other production line applications. Osborn can provide new or refurbished wide face brushes with custom arbors of nearly any length or diameter.



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