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Warm air production

For certain local conditions in your production facilities and for special requirements, using a stationary warm air generator is the best choice.

Economical and environmentally friendly:
The units are instantly ready for use, after a short lead time. They emit the heat directly to the air, without an intermediate medium. Due to their degree of efficiency of 93 %, they operate very economically. Using a room air thermostat even improves this effect. Their low energy consumption reduces the amount of harmful flue gas for about 30 %, compared to conventional heating systems.

Convenient and flexible:
All units can utilise fresh air, secondary air and re-circulated air, which is particularly cost efficient and cost-effective during the winter. There is also a summer switch, which enables ventilation through the units in the summer months. Choose between upright, horizontal or suspended versions – duct systems allow to distribute the warm air into several rooms.

Reliable and easy to maintain:
The combination of best high-quality materials and powerful fans ensure a trouble-free continuous operation. Benefit from our complete service, from advisory service and delivery to commissioning and competent servicing.


  • production halls and factories
  • exhibition halls
  • workshops and garages
  • furniture warehouses
  • sports facilities
  • greenhouses and garden centres
  • stables and animal-rearing facilities
  • photo and film studios
  • process technology (paint shops, drying chambers etc.)
  • drying on building sites

Kroll warm air generators have also established a good reputation outside Europe under toughest operation conditions in South America, Australia, Asia and Russia.

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