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Timiryazev street 42, pavilion 16, block 4, office 9,

050000 Almaty city, Kazakhstan.


EMILIANA SERBATOI has been a leading producer of equipment, devices and systems for storage, transport and delivery of petroleum products and liquids in general since its founding.
Servicing areas as divers as construction, agriculture, oil and gas sectors, military and governmental sectors, transport field, disaster relief and client rapid response needs, over the last 30 years EMILIANA SERBATOI has gained a reputation as the leader in the Design, Production, Supply of fuelling systems to clients and customers in both the European and Global Markets.

Hard work, intuitions and innovations, bids and deals, trips and exhibitions have made the history of our company over these thirty years. This exciting activity has led us to both reach excellent results and reinforce our leadership worldwide in the sector by means of producing any type of tanks for the storage, transport and delivery of petroleum products, in addition to refueling control and management systems. We have built a strong identity based on shared values and principles that have become the company’s trademark: work culture, total commitment, quality and the bond with both the territory and the community. Over the years this DNA has become stronger and has successfully spread among our employees, management and stakeholders.

We work with diligence and enthusiasm in order to strengthen our company, which has always been at the top for what concerns the quality of the products. We have always been committed to maximizing processes, assuring health, safety and continual education to our employees and holding dear the expectation and needs of our customers. A state-of-the-art technology, innovative products, a well-organized sales network and technical assistance are our flagships. We are determined to go ahead, ready to achieve new goals: we are what we are as we have always been curious and able to innovate with the aim of catching new requirements and opportunities. This is why we are going to invest in research. We want to reach the global market and be more present in all the five continents; we want to create products that will allow us to both go as far as possible and increase our export market shares. We are going to provide products and services to meet market expectations and offer cost effective solutions with due regard for the environment. We are going to place in the foreground both the respect for human resources and the closest and enduring relationships with our commercial and industrial partners. Globalization, evolving regulations and market instability are our next stimulating challenges. Emiliana Serbatoi has the appropriate competence, the technical knowledge, the team and the right formula to overcome new obstacles and expand its leadership. We want to keep innovating and to be a benchmark for the sector, in other words to be always one step ahead.

LLP "ICC VORTEX" is the official dealer of Emiliana Serbatoi on the territory of Republic of Kazakhstan. Certificate of authorized dealer is available through the LINK.

The basic mission of EMILIANA SERBATOI is ensuring customer expectations are not only met but exceeded. We hold dear the value of mutual beneficial client and supplier relationships, ensuring successful and enduring partnerships. We are committed to the Health, Safety and continual Education of all our employees encouraging the continual growth within all our staff.

The Design, Production and Management process are closely monitored according to the requirement of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 of which EMILIANA SERBATOI is an accredited member. The EMILIANA SERBATOI's system has been certified by TUV, the largest independent Certification body in the world.

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Located in Campogalliano,  Modena province in Italy (within a network of rail, port and sea freight possibilities), EMILIANA SERBATOI currently occupy 9.000 sqm of their privately owned land, of which 500 sqm houses the administration and design department (20 people), 4.000 makes up the production facility and the remaining 5.000 sqm is utilized for warehousing and storage (25 people) .

This facility yields more than 10.000 tanks and fuelling system per annum.

This output capacity, combined with EMILIANA SERBATOI technical knowledge and constant review of emerging new trends in the industry, makes them the leading producer of fuel tanks and fuel handling technologies.


  • Transport tanks
  • Refuelling tanks
  • Underground tanks
  • Fuelling system
  • Ecologic line
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Water tanks
  • Customized projects



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Address: 050000 Almaty city, Timiryazev street, pavilion 16, block 4, office 9.

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