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Swedish Design and Quality Since 1882

Our products represent today's most advanced technology

Welcome to Sievert – Swedish design and quality since 1882

Sievert AB is a world leading manufacturer specializing in high-quality heating tools for professionals.

Our products represent today’s most advanced technology.

Our goal is to develop, manufacture and supply innovative and high-quality tools for all types of soldering, brazing and heating applications.

This statement is not just a definition of our product range – it is also a promise. A promise that we will always be one step ahead and always listen to you – our customer – and involve ourselves in your business. A promise that we will be wherever you are. A promise that we will be the partner to help you succeed when you use our products and services. Whatever the jobs are that you have today, or in the future.

We have been in business for more than 130 years, and today we are a world leader. But still our work has only just begun.

Carl Richard Nyberg was a specialist in soldering, but he felt that the soldering technology available in the 1880´s could be greatly improved. He was determined to find a heating source that was more efficient. After much experimentation he succeeded in finding a solution, and in 1882 he made the first prototype of a soldering blowtorch for which he also obtained a patent.

That same year the future industrialist, Max Sievert, opened the doors of a machinery business in Stockholm that would form the foundation of a major company. When the paths of Nyberg and Sievert later crossed, they formed a partnership that was uncommonly fruitful. Nyberg manufactured blowtorches, and Sievert sold them throughout the world. A successful business was launched.

Since 2003, Sievert is a member of the Rothenberger group of companies:


Sievert product range

Sievert has a wide range of products for different applications.

Each product has accessories you can add to complete a functional system for the intended application. For technical details and how you can build an entire system, make sure to download our catalog here.

To find a local catalog, go to contact and choose your country.

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