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The RONDA® vacuum cleaners have been developed specially for the construction industry. The continuous suction capacity and robustness of the machines ensure an effective cleaning of the construction site.


Solutions for dust and water combined into the same machine typically affect the filtration and involve high filter expenses. Cleaning the machine also becomes more time-consuming.

The RONDA® machines, in contrast, have been developed to perform clearly defined tasks such as suction of large quantities of fine dust and/or dust hazardous to the health.

The philosophy behind the RONDA® machines is that suction tasks are to be solved in an optimum manner. Suction tasks comprise the whole suction process from handling of the machine to continuous suction capacity, emptying and cleaning, etc. Experience shows that all-round vacuum cleaners will typically be “half-good” at most purposes, which is rarely good enough for the professional user.

There are many advantages of a clean working environment. New Swedish research shows that frequent exposure to heavy concentrations of dust at construction sites is very damaging to the lungs in the long run. A building site kept clean gives a professional image, and experience shows that unnecessary expenses for waste, accidental damages and repairs are reduced.

Remove the Dust where it is created

The most effective way to ensure a good and clean working environment is to remove the dust while it is being created. The RONDA® range has the suction capacity to remove the dust where it is created, whether attached to a hand tool or to a large floor grinding machine. Some RONDA® models are equipped with a power outlet with an automatic start/stop function for hand tools. The large RONDA® models have the power outlet as an optional feature.

Can be used for Asbestos and Building Dust

It is well known that asbestos is very hazardous to the health. The RONDA® product line includes machines with motor capacities varying from 1100 W to 3300 W. Four of the machines have the European H class approval and are suitable for asbestos and building dust. The H label is proof of approval under EN 60335-2-69 Appendix AA, which specifies the EU rules for vacuum cleaners used for dust hazardous to the health.

The H approval can be documented by a test certificate with specification of the retaining capacity of the filter system. For the RONDA® machines this capacity is 99.997% of all dust particles larger than 0.3 μm (0.0003 mm), which corresponds to 0.04 mg dust per m3 purified air.

An H approval does not cover solely the filter system, but rather the entire machine inclusive of the emptying process and general user safety. In the construction industry, asbestos is not the only material posing a health hazard. A RONDA® vacuum cleaner with an H approval guarantees a good working environment. The RONDA® line is not only perfect for fine and dry dust. The RONDA® 350 is also perfect for water-cooled processing of cement or concrete. Abrasive particles of concrete sludge make heavy demands on both the filter system as well as on the pump if the machine is fitted with one.


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